Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legality of Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when motorcyclists weave through traffic in between the marked lanes. Lane splitting is not recognized as legal in most areas, but it is not expressly illegal either. If a traffic accident occurs while a bike is lane splitting, the liability is determined by the Colorado laws regulating lane splitting, the opinion of the officer or judge, and the actions of the car driver and motorcyclist in the accident. Usually the motorcyclist will be liable in a Colorado accident. Some states like California expressly allow lane splitting in a safe and prudent manner.

Because of the proximity of cars during lane splitting, and the fact that most drivers are not watching for weaving motorcycles, lane splitting is the perfect storm for Colorado motorcycle injuries. If there was a motorcycle accident during lane splitting, the blame will usually be placed on the motorcyclist if a Denver personal injury attorney can prove the biker was behaving negligently. If the rider was the cause, they are out of luck in settling a Colorado personal injury claim. There are a few ways your Denver motorcycle accident lawyer can attempt to prove you were not negligent. If you were not speeding and instead riding carefully, are an experienced rider, have completed all safety and licensing courses, and the other driver was behaving more recklessly.

Lane splitting is dangerous and it has a good chance of ending you up in a Colorado traffic court, but if you are going to lane change follow these tips to try and stay safe.

Be alert and aware of the cars around you.
Ride with visible clothing and the headlights on.
Wait until the lanes of cars are moving at the same speed to reduce the chance of a sudden lane change.
Watch the car's blind spot.
Honk if cars get too close.
Pay attention to signs that a driver may be about to change lanes.
Do not zoom between cars, and limit lane splitting to under 30mph driving.

Evidence of your safe driving will make it easier for your Colorado car injury lawyer to eliminate any wrongdoing in the mind of the judge.

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