Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why Riders Crash

Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. A motorcycle injury is more likely to be fatal because riders have no protection other than what they can wear. Some bad Denver motorcycle crashes have also resulted in disabling injuries. The best way to protect yourself from injuries is to not ride a bike. But riding a motorcycle can be so fun and efficient, what most riders need to do is be vigilant and wear the proper protective gear. If you do get into a motorcycle accident that causes a severe injury in Denver, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies and the average Joe are not going to want to pay for your medical bills, even if it means missing work or a permanent disability. A Colorado personal injury attorney will be your advocate when trying to receive compensation from a insurance company.

To reduce the chance for an injury you can educate yourself on the causes of common crashes. Denver personal injury attorneys see these kinds of crashes causing injuries all the time.

Head on collusions account for more than half of all motorcycle fatalities. Head on collusions are often at high speed and give little chance to the rider. Examples of a car rear-ending a motorcycle are rare.

The other major danger for motorcyclists in Colorado in is the Left-Hand turn. These collusions account for most of the rest of Colorado motorcycle accidents. The motorcycle's small size makes it even less visible to cars when the motorcycle is trying to go straight through an intersection or when trying to pass a car. Even if a motorcycle crashes into a fixed object, the likelihood of personal injury or death is much higher than for cars. Road hazards are also more varied and dangerous for bike riders. These accidents are also common between cars, but the motorcycle's lack of protection makes injuries more likely. Trying to pass a car in the same lane, or lane splitting is also less likely to be recognized by car drivers, and therefore increases the likelihood of a crash. Cutting between stopped cars is another example of lane splitting that commonly causes motorcycle crashes in Colorado. Accidents that occur while a motorcyclist is doing a dangerous maneuver like lane splitting are likely to be considered negligent driving by Colorado injury law. A Denver personal injury attorney will try to establish that you were driving safely.
The opinion of any police officers at a motorcycle crash will also be important if you want to bring a Colorado personal injury suit.

Now we have reached the dead-zone of Colorado personal injury liability - Speeding and Alcohol. If you were involved in a motorcycle crash involving speeding or alcohol, you will probably be liable for any dangerous Denver motorcycle accidents. Speeding and alcohol will never receive good treatment from the judge or law enforcement because this is the primary preventable cause of most accidents.

If you are riding a high performance motorcycle, you had better have excellent insurance or a Denver injury attorney on speed dial. Supersport and sport motorcycles have racing engines and frames that will easily take your bike beyond the limits of control. Supersports are just street-legal racers. Many young riders take these bikes up to insane highway speeds. The sport motorcycles are only a step down and the death rate of riders of supersport and sport motorcycles is much higher than for other bikes. Drivers tend to be young and reckless.

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